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In addition to providing complete O&M solutions, we are also experienced in all aspects of the power industry, from the development phase to commissioning of the station. The following is a list of the services we can provide:


  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study

  • Project Financial Modeling, Tariff Planning and Analysis

  • Advisory Services in Power Project Bid Preparation

  • Preparation of Project Agreements

  • Design & Engineering of the Plant for Development Phase

  • Preparation of RFP and Technical Specifications for Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) Bidding and EPC Negotiations

  • Review, Negotiation and Finalization of PPA, GSA, IA and other project agreements

  • Project Execution, Implementation and Management

  • Detailed Design Review and Modifications

  • Site Management, Construction Supervision and Management

  • Supervision, Co-ordination and Management of Testing & Commissioning

  • Preparing Project Documentation

  • Punch Listing and Warranty Management

  • Development of Business Strategy

  • Structuring Corporate Body

  • Structuring Technical Groups

  • Formation of Business and Corporate Management Plan

  • Risk Analysis and Management

  • Financial Management and Analysis

  • Advisory Services for Power Business Management

  • Hiring, Training and Development of O&M Personnel

  • Development and Preparation of Training Manual

  • Operating the Plant according to contractual obligations, local standards, regulations and Prudent Utility Practices

  • Maintaining Maximum Availability

  • Outage Planning and Management

  • Development & Implementation of Computer based Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

  • Preparing, Implementing and Maintaining Health and Safety Procedures

  • Preparing, Implementing and Maintaining Site Operating Procedures

  • Stores and Inventory Management using computer based

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Plant Performance and Efficiency Enhancements

  • Budget Preparation

  • Day-to-Day Management of the Business Operations

  • Plant Risk Analysis

  • Performance Testing & Guarantee Measurement

  • Advisory role on Plant Performance Enhancements and Best Practices

  • Due Diligence with detailed Reports on Plant and Equipment Conditions, Financial Status, Project Economics and Management Issues

  • Lenders and Owners Engineering Services

  • Detailed Testing and Fault Diagnosis of Mechanical, Electrical and I&C Systems

The list is a general description of what we are capable of providing. With our experience we can tailor any solution for your needs.  Over the years we have discovered that in order to be successful in today's market we must remain flexible, as well as multi-tasked professionals, providing a service that suits each individual companies need. An alternative to the conventional O&M services available today.

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