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  Mission & Values:

For more than 20 years each of our partners, have made it their personal quest to serve the market and the people with respect and integrity. this is the philosophy that drives our company. we appreciate and accept the responsibility associated with doing business with manner that is consistent with this statement. Our mission is to provide operation and maintenance solutions, in a manner that is in consonance with our core values. These values shall serve as a guiding light for our business. The values are: 

  • Fairness

  • Integrity

  • Accountability 

  • Social Responsibility

The Mission of O&M Solutions is to be a World Class O&M provider, through our strong belief in people and a desire to make a real difference in the world. Many companies recognize that people are necessary to run a business, but few have made it their Mission to develop a company that recognizes that people are the most important asset that a company can have. Many people would say that the primary purpose of a corporation is to produce profits for its shareholders. O&M Solutions believes that its Mission super-cedes profits. Profits are important to us, as they are to any company. It will be necessary to make a profit to pay shareholders the return they deserve for letting us use their capital. However, O&M Solutions believes that profits are a consequence of serving society well, by fulfilling our Mission. Shareholders are important, but no more important, then any other stakeholder in a business.

O&M Solutions will attempt to guide our business by our shared values (or principles). These values are Fairness, Integrity, Social Responsibility, and Accountability. O&M Solution's Values and Principles are the "glue" that holds our company together, worldwide, despite being a collection of unique businesses, set in vastly distinct cultures. The application of O&M Solutions Values is different in every situation but here are some definitions that best describe who we are.


At O&M Solutions, we seek to treat all stakeholders fairly; our people, our customers, our suppliers, our stockholders, governments, and the communities in which we operate. The best definition of fairness is justice. Fairness is not to be confused with sameness. For the reason that everyone is unique, O&M Solutions aspires to give everyone special treatment.


O&M Solutions strives to act with integrity, or "wholeness" in all of its activities, weighing ethical concerns, stakeholder interests and the needs of society. As a company, we work hard to honor our commitments. Our hope is that the things O&M Solutions say and do, in all parts of the Company, should fit together with truth and consistency.  We aspire that O&M Solution's people are whole people; that they think and act the same way at home and in the community as they do at work.


We accept that we are responsible for our actions, and as such, we must strive to hold one another accountable. Responsibility without accountability is not responsibility at all. Accountability is the main thread that holds a company together. Managing resources and nurturing relationships to meet a need in society, reflects the way a company meets its requirements.
O&M Solutions sincerely appreciates the chance to serve the world in a way that sets us apart from all the others, and improves your organizations performance.

Social Responsibility:

Social Responsibility is one of the special aspects of our life together. It is central to our ability to make the maximum positive impact on the world around us. For O&M Solutions this means providing clean, safe, reliable, and cost effective service to the Projects we serve. O&M Solutions also seeks to do more in other ways beyond the laws, regulations or our fundamental Mission. In some places, this has been to build schools, plant trees or provide clean drinking water. Deciding how to prioritize these and make the most positive impact on the world is our goal.


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