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We founded O&M Solutions with the intention of supplying alternative operation and maintenance services for the emerging markets. For more than twenty years, the founding partners of O&M Solutions have served the power industry. Our experience ranges from development, construction, testing and commissioning, to day-to-day operations of some of the most modern power plants in the emerging region.

After 9 / 11 and the collapse of Enron, many of the International Developers began to leave the emerging markets. With the departure of these players, the development of new projects has significantly reduced. Additionally, the detailed information and experience that these players brought to the market also left. This exodus brought opportunities for new players to enter the market. The cost of buying MW's through acquisitions, versus building MW's through green-field projects, forced the players to secure the most cost effective means of entering the power market, which proved to be through acquisitions. Demand for power continued to increase and as such, many of the emerging markets today are facing significant shortfalls in power. As the cost of buying versus building MW's is narrowing, new players are now looking toward building projects.

With the entry of these new players and the exit of the old, the requirement for experienced people to implement these projects. O&M Solutions, with our experience in power and depth of knowledge in these markets, is in a position to develop and implement alternative O&M solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of a specific project. To compete in today's market, a company must utilize every means to keep costs down and revenues up. O&M Solutions can provide the solution cost effectively, without sacrificing quality.

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